4 Tips for Building a Better Saltwater Fly Rod

Saltwater fly fishing can be a challenging venture. Tough weather conditions and fish with severe lockjaw can be uber-frustrating. Don't allow your fly rod to...

5 Accessories That Will Make Your Fishing Rod Pop

We all have our reasons why we build custom rods. Some for performance and some for aesthetics. Most us build for both of these reasons. Here are 5 great suggestions from a TCF staffer which will make your fishing rod pop!

Reasons To Build & Fish With A Custom Rod

Most people reading this article are probably using a factory made fishing rod, and you love to fish, right? I mean, you have probably been fishing for years and catching loads of fish. So it begs the question, why a custom rod? A fair question and this article dives into some reasons why you may want to build your own fishing rods.

Using Trim Wraps Will Really Personalize Your Fishing Rod

Trim wraps are a decorative thread pattern usually used around the edges of your guide wraps, typically contrasting the nylon guide wrap with a metallic thread to show contrast. This article gives specific instructions for how to install a trim wrap on your fishing rod, including a how to video!

Building a Fishing Rod for Flats Fishing

Flats fishing is a common term for fishing a shallow water area. "Shallow" is of course relative. For the sake of this article, I...

Beginner Rod Building Tips From A Rod Building Instructor

You just can’t beat experience when it comes to rod building. The more you know, the fewer mistakes you make, and the more enjoyable the rod building process becomes. This article was written by one of Mud Hole's instructors, Chris Feagan, and highlights some rod building tips that might not be obvious to new rod builders.

You Have To Build This Awesome Minimalist Ultralight Rod

This is a great example of the benefits to building your own. In this article one of our rod builders demonstrates how to think outside of the box, and build one of the most enjoyable fishing rods you will ever use. It features minimalist components that yield huge fun no matter what fish tugs on the line!

What To Consider When Buying Guides For Fishing Rods

Many fishermen building their first custom rod find themselves shocked about how many details go into the build. Because they have used pre-built retail fishing rods all their lives, they may have never stopped and considered their component options. In this article, we go over what to consider when choosing guides for your custom fishing rod.

Avoid These Top 5 Rod Building Mistakes

Rod building can be an enjoyable craft and hobby, and like anything else, the more you do it – the more you learn the little tricks to make the process of building your rod more efficient. This article highlights the top 5 common mistakes that eventually most rod builders will make, and how to correct them.

Applying Marbling Effects To Your Fishing Rod

Custom rod marbling is one of the hottest new techniques rod builders are using to create stunning works of functional art. The basic premise is to mix an ultra-concentrated marbling pigment with an epoxy finish – then swirl and drag the mixture in varying patterns on butt wraps and guide wraps. Check it out!

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