We recently were out shore fishing a popular inlet and the wind really started to pick up causing issues keeping our live bait in place, and proved difficult even working spinnerbaits. In this article we show how a lower profile GOT-CHA plug kept us on the fish we were targeting.

When the wind picks up and you’re running out of options trying to keep bait down in the water column try a GOT-CHA®, which is a plug or dart type of lure.

The ORIGINAL GOT-CHA® plug comes in many styles and colors and is excellent for Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, Trout, and really any fish that feeds on small bait fish.

Try The GOT-CHA Plug To Catch Fish On Windy Days
Try The GOT-CHA Plug To Catch Fish On Windy Days

When fishing, cast and reel in using short, sharp jerks of the rod to produce a deadly swimming action.

Available with dressed and plain hooks, plastic or metal bodies, gold, silver, and red hooks. Bucktail models have a single 2/0 stainless hook in the rear.

They come in a variety of weights, from 5/8 to over 2 oz. models, and it looks like a pencil so it cuts through the wind. In other words, you don’t really have to sacrifice casting distance or accuracy just because the wind is gusting.

When we were out recently we used a 1 oz. model with an optional 6 inch wire leader because of the blue fish and toothy critters around that day.

The way we like to work a dart lure is by throwing it out and letting sink a little. Then we use a sharp swim jig technique and let it sometimes sink so we can bounce it off rocks and other bottom structure.

The goal is to create an erratic darting motion that really excites the fish when nothing else will.

Although a fine lure for all conditions, when the wind picks up and the bite turns off, this is a go-to lure.

So next time the wind kicks into high gear, try a lower profile, heavier lure like the GOT-CHA plug and work it erratically. This will trigger some strikes and save the day!

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