Using Micro Guides On Custom Fishing Rods

Custom rod builders have been using, and debating, micro guides for several years. Once rare, these small rod guides are now more widespread than ever before, but is there good reason to use them? The short answer is yes, micro guides can improve your rod performance, if used in the right fishing application. This article highlights the pros and cons of micro guides.

ProWrap Rod Building Thread by ProProducts

Next to finding the spine of a rod blank, wrapping your guides is one of the most important steps in custom rod building. When not done correctly, the overall performance and stability of the rod may be compromised. This article is a product review of ProWrap thread and braid by ProProducts.

MHX 2nd Generation High-Mod Fishing Rod Blanks

MHX is one of the top rod blank names in the rod building business, and their High-Mods epitomize performance in a fishing rod blank. In this article MHX rod blank designers explain what is new in the MHX 2nd generation high-mods.

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