Build A Checkerboard Cork Handle On Fishing Rods

Checkerboard cork handles really make a custom fishing rod unique, and it is actually a fairly straight forward process. With just a few tools and a little bit of practice, you will have limitless design possibilities when building your next custom fishing rod handle.

Repair Your Cork & EVA Fishing Rod Handles

As time goes by, our favorite fishing rods really take a beating, and often the grips become so worn and chipped that it starts to affect your fishing. Unless your grips suffer a complete failure, consider these tips for repairing your cork and EVA grips. This article highlights some common best practices for maintaining or repairing your EVA and cork fishing rod handles and grips.

Top 5 Reaming Tips For Fishing Rod Handles

While reaming a hole in a piece of cork may not be rocket science, there are a few tips that will keep you from having to buy replacement parts when things go wrong during this process. Here are the top five tips we tend to offer our viewers when they contact us.

The Purpose Of A Reel Seat Arbor in Rod Building

The reel seat arbor is meant to center the reel seat on the rod blank, and when purchasing an arbor - there are many options to consider, with even more opinions on what works best. In this article we share our opinion on what to consider.

Tips For Using & Selecting A Rod Drying System

Since rod dryer options come in many shapes, sizes, and speeds, the goal of this article is to share what factors a rod builder should consider when making their rod dryer choice.

Choosing the Correct Rod Building Thread

About Wrapping Thread There are many different threads that can be used when building a rod. They vary from color treated (thread that has already...

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