Top 5 Reasons To Fish MHX Saltwater Rod Blanks
Top 5 Reasons To Fish MHX Saltwater Rod Blanks

Before heading out, always make sure to go over your offshore essentials check list:

  • Check Fluid levels
  • Check safety gear
  • VHF radio
  • Buy bait
  • Buy ice
  • Buy fuel

Let’s see, we’re missing something.  Oh yeah! The Rods!

If you have ever fished offshore for pelagic species, you know that having the right rod makes the difference between a landed fish and the one that got away.

For many saltwater fishermen, they exclusively use MHX Offshore Rod blanks for all of their offshore needs.

Here are the top 5 reasons why they choose MHX as their go to saltwater stick.

Fast Action, Soft Tip

Whether you troll ballyhoo or artificial lures, you know having a fast action soft tip rod makes a difference. The MHX saltwater blanks allow the bait to swim as natural as possible as it jets through the wakes, which producing more strikes and hook ups.

The Right Length

If you use aluminum butts you know how hard it is to find a blank that you don’t have to cut down to get the right length. The MHX saltwater blanks come in the perfect lengths, from 46” to 6’-6”.

The 46” blanks work great when you’re using aluminum butts, your total length is between 5’-6” and 6’ after mounting the aluminum butt, perfect lengths for trolling or stand-up fishing.

Or if you choose to use slick butts, the blank butt OD’s on the longer blanks are perfect, with minimum build up for the slick butt and gimbals.

Blank Diameters

If you are using an aluminum butt, the blank diameters were designed to fit perfectly into a #2 aluminum butt ferrule.

Rod Durability

Heading offshore is no walk in the park, your equipment better be up to the test. Another great reason to use the MHX saltwater blanks is the durability factor!  You never to worry about banging the rod on the gunwale, getting tossed around in the rod locker, or someone dropping the rod on the deck. These rods are tough!


If you’re trolling along and the bottom lights up on your finder!  Go ahead and drop a line with these MHX saltwater blanks, the sensitivity along with the fast action will get you hooked up quickly.

These blanks weren’t designed just for stand-up fishing, but for bottom fishing also.  You can feel the subtlest bite with these blanks.

Go Fish MHX

The versatility of these MHX saltwater rod blanks makes them the rod of choice for many who fish offshore.  Whether its dolphin, wahoo, kingfish or grouper on the bottom, these MHX saltwater blanks are what you want on the boat when heading out of the inlet.

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