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Differences Between Largemouth & Spotted Bass

This article highlights the differences between the largemouth and spotted bass. It is easy if you know what to look for.

3 Way Bottom Bouncers Catch Walleye Limits

Minnow and worms are good, but leeches are the go to bait to get your quota and bag your first lunker - there are also rigging tips.

Asian Salmon with Brown Rice & Stir Fry

I call this recipe “Asian salmon with brown rice and spring stir fry” and it is favorite. The savory marinade paired with the earthy tones of the brown rice and fresh spring vegetables will win over even guests who may not always crave fish dishes.

4 Foods Items That Make Great Fish Bait

If you think you need to go to a bait shop before you go fishing, think again. Here are some baits found in your kitchen or pantry.

Choosing the Correct Rod Building Thread

About Wrapping Thread There are many different threads that can be used when building a rod. They vary from color treated (thread that has already...

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