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Make Your Own Hair Jig With Do-It Molds Ultra Minnow

If you haven't already, it's time to add the hair jig to your jigging arsenal. Whether you are bass fishermen, walleye fishermen, or even chase panfish, the hair jig can be deadly on fall and spring fish. In this article Tommy Skarlis shows how to tie up your very own hair jigs. The possibilities are endless and it's time to start making your own hair jigs today!

Why You Need To Get The New Engel Backpack Cooler

There are many cooler vendors out there these days that offer a backpack cooler, but none equal the features and price tag of the Engel backpack cooler. At more than $100 LESS than the other comparable products, Engel is leading the way with their new offering. This article is our product review of the Engel Backpack Cooler.

Saltwater Fishing With Bait On A 3 Way Rig

A few of us at TCF are mostly into freshwater fishing, but wanted to start getting out more on saltwater bites. So we stopped by a loca bait shop to see what rigs and lures they would recommend considering we are new to saltwater, and also based on what was biting. What did they recommend? The answer was the simple but effective 3 way rig.

Choosing Guides for a Casting Rod

Casting guides and the use of certain frame types has evolved rapidly over the past 10 years. The use of double foot guides on...

The Low Down on Ceramic Inserts

A guide without a ceramic insert is an anomaly now-a-days. The technology is proven. A smooth hard surface for fishing line to run across decreases...

Epoxy Finish: How to Smooth Out Common Problems

After spending hours upon hours building a handle, wrapping guides, spinning a decorative wrap, and any other time consuming tasks associated with your rod...

4 Tips for Building a Better Saltwater Fly Rod

Saltwater fly fishing can be a challenging venture. Tough weather conditions and fish with severe lockjaw can be uber-frustrating. Don't allow your fly rod to...

Why Use The American Tackle MicroWave Line Control System

Choosing the right guides for your fishing rod can make or break the overall performance. From casting distance and accuracy, to the ability to land a fish, you need the right guides for the right application. In this article, we review American Tackle's MicroWave Line Control System.

Tying the Clouser Minnow

A Clouser Minnow is one of the first flies I learned to tie as a kid. I am sure many others can say the...

5 Accessories That Will Make Your Fishing Rod Pop

We all have our reasons why we build custom rods. Some for performance and some for aesthetics. Most us build for both of these reasons. Here are 5 great suggestions from a TCF staffer which will make your fishing rod pop!

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