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Using Homemade Heavy Spinnerbaits To Catch Fish In Deeper Water

Homemade Heavy Spinnerbaits Catch Fish In Deeper Water

Many fishermen are familiar with using spinnerbaits in less than 10 feet of water, but when the fish move deeper our natural instinct is to move to a different lure. In this article, long time lure maker Marc Wisniewski explains why you should consider using spinnerbaits for deeper waters, and how to make them yourself!
Spinnerbaits Are A Great Way To Start Fishing Saltwatervideo

Spinnerbaits Are A Great Way To Start Fishing Saltwater

Many of us at TCF fish primarily freshwater, but are starting to get more into saltwater. After asking around, we found that it was easy to get started by using something us bass fishermen are familiar with - the spinnerbait! In this article we highlight the using the saltwater spinnerbait.
Kevin VanDam's Spinnerbait Fishing Techniques WIll Catch More Bassvideo

Kevin VanDam’s Spinnerbait Techniques Will Catch More Bass

Spinnerbait's are very versatile lures, but often fisherman simply throw them out and reel them in. With Kevin VanDam's spinnerbait fishing techniques, you cover more water, and create more reaction strikes, which lead to landing more fish! Check out his video and our notes in this article.
Build A Spinnerbait In 15 Easy To Follow Steps

Build A Spinnerbait In 15 Easy To Follow Steps

Building your own spinnerbait is much easier than you may think, and also useful. Why pay retail for a spinnerbait when you can make your own in no time at all. This article highlights 15 easy to follow steps to build your own tandem spinnerbait.
Learn All About Fishing with Spinnerbaits

Learn All About Fishing with Spinnerbaits

Spinner baits are very easy to use for the beginner, and very versatile for the more advanced. Comparing spinnerbait blade types will help you pick the one right for your day on the lake. This article explains the differences between spinnerbaits and how they can be used in different fishing applications.

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