What Is A High Modulus Fishing Rod
What Is A High Modulus Fishing Rod

The word modulus, as it relates to graphite fishing rods, is a term that refers to the degree of stiffness, or resistance to bending.  Simply put, the higher the modulus, the stiffer the material is by weight.

The higher the modulus also means the thinner the material can be while still possessing strength equal to, or greater than, rods made using cheaper materials.

The unit of measure is in millions of modulus, which really roles off the tongue, doesn’t it?

In the marketplace, you will see ratings of 33 million modulus, or 50 million modulus, etc., the higher the number, the stronger the material is for its weight.

Top 4 Reasons High-Mod Is Good

High-Mod graphite fishing rods have many benefits to them, including the following:

1.  Weight

High-Mod rods are the lightest types of fishing rods on the market.  Does that really make a difference?  Well, yes.  If you are throwing 1/2 oz. spinnerbaits for hours on end, the lighter weight will make a huge difference in reducing the fatigue you feel in your arm and shoulders.

2.  Sensitivity in Fish Bite

If fish always smacked your hook like it owed them money, then sensitivity to feel the bite would not matter.  However, as we all know, fish often give just the slightest signal they are on, and in order to at least have the hook set opportunity, you need to feel them.  There simply is not a better type of rod out there to detect fish bites than High-Mod rods.

3.  Sensitivity in Topography

High-Mod rods are so sensitive that with a little practice, you can work a Carolina rig, or bump a jig around, and actually tell if the bottom is sandy, has weeds, stumps, and create a mental image of the underwater terrain.  Experienced fisherman can do this to some degree already, but is significantly improved with High-Mod rods.

4.  Cast Farther

As you wind up for the cast, more energy is going to be transferred, resulting in a much longer cast than lower modulus rods.  If you really want to increase casting distance and accuracy, try using micro-guides.

Who Should Use High-Mods

Not every rod is the same, which is good because not every fisherman is the same.

If you are looking to build a rod to keep in the back of your truck for those spontaneous fishing excursions, High-Mods are not a great choice.  They are great for fishing, but not for bumping into things like dock edges, and doors on your truck.

However, if you have specific fishing applications in mind and want a “Professional Type” of fishing rod, then High-Mod rods are the way to go.

Hope you found this article helpful.

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